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Laser light show

KAST creates original laser light show with customerfs purposes, environments, scales, and budget.
We are proud of our new generation laser projector. It can realize to design in the 3D space, also our full-color-supported system can give the audience flesh impressions.
Our staff shows the audience new and pop laser show using animations and clientfs original logos modified by their skillful idea.
PHAMTOM projector is the newest type of laser display system. It can display TV images.
Our Laser systems can realize to direct not only expression of abstraction but also epoch-making information with these system. Please consider our laser light system for your various occasions!!

  • X-JAPAN DAHLIA TOUR (at Tokyo dome)
  • X-JAPAN THE LAST LIVE (at Tokyo dome)
  • L'Arc~en~Ciel RESET>>LIVE*000(at Tokyo Big Site)
  • globe @ 4domes tour 1997 (at Tokyo Dome)
  • TRF Concert tour (at Yokohama Arena)
  • Nanase Aikawa Concert Tour (at Nihon Budokan)
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto Concert Tour (at NHK Hall)
  • Boston Pops Orchestra (at Tokyo Forum)
  • A event for the celebration of completion of the tunnel (in Saitama prefecture)

  • <Concerts and Stages>
    X-JAPAN / hide with Spread Beaver/ RED WARRIORS/ SIAM SHADE
    Deep Purple(Japan Tour)/ The Artist formelly Known As Prince(Japan Tour)
    globe / TRF/ DREAMS COME TRUE/ L'Arc~en~Ciel/ THE ALFEE/ Ryuichi Sakamoto
    Nanase Aikawa/ Dance Man/ Ultra-man Super stage/ Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
    Southern All Stars/ FRANTZ HARARAY(Japan Tourj/And so on
    Coca Cola co. Japan /McDonald's Japan.co/Toyota/ Honda/ Matsushita Electric/
    WOWOW/ Kawasaki bank of trust/ Ito Yokado/ Nihon seimei/NTT/KDD
    JR East/All Nippon Airways/Intel/ NEC/ ASTEL/ SONY/ BANDAI/ Namco 
    Novel/ Kanebo/ Phillip Morris/ and so on
    <Events and Exhibitions>
    Tokyo Disney Land/ HUIS TEN BOSCH/ Tokyo Tower/Yokohama Marine Tower/
    Roppongi Velfarre/Hakone the Museum of sculptures/Sega Joy Police/Namco Wonder Egg
    Soccer J-league/K-1 Grand Prix/Tokyo Toy Show/World Lighting Fair
    Various ski slopes/Preview of the movies/and so on
    <Televison and others>
    NHK /Nihon Television/TBS /Fuji Television/TV asahi/TV Tokyo/filiming of movies
    Commercial /and so on

    The setting plan that can live up to your expectations and stable operated laser light show will can realize your events or concerts more gorgeous with high-trust, high quality products of KAST.

    Viper system (Optical fiber projector, Viper)
    u r
    Weight : 1050g
    size : 80mm*75m*200mm
    We combined optical fibers and electrical signal cable into one multiple cable. So we can transmit laser and electrical signal with just one cable. One projector is set on the top side of this cable.
    Using our unique processing on the face of optical fiber, the coupling loss of laser is very low comparing with the ordinary optical connector.
    Because of setting drive amplifier of the galvano meter on the input side of optical fiber, we succeeded to make smaller the projector. Our projector is almost the same size as a couple of cigarette boxes. So a customer can set the projector on any place he likes in various ways.
    We succeeded in sending the laser beams through the water with our waterproof case,
    The combination of the optical fiber and electrical wires into one cable makes the cable stronger and safer that is not easily damaged.
    Normally the laser light source and the other electrical equipment require an ideal environment. By using the Viper customer can display the laser beams from the worst environment even in the situation which previously has been thought impossible.
    With the Viper a customer can design for any type of setting.


      The real color system

      The real color system, which is combined the latest laser technology with KAST's producing technology, has big advantage compare with the older color laser display system.
      1. Electricity and water amount for cooling will be half amount, compare to the older system of which is the same type of optical system, and the running cost will be lower than ever.
      2. We succeeded to design the optical system very simply. So that it is very low-cost, high precision, and easy system to improve. It is also very stable system for long span.
      3. The speed of optical light is 1,000 times faster than old type system of ours. So it can show various types of graphics and expression in the space with the vary of colors in every 1 dot or 1 beam.

          White laser
          The usual display, which is combined Argon laser(blue and green) with Krypton laser (red) shows us the color display with the combination of the three primary colors. But it needs electricity and refrigerator for each machine. White laser can display the 2 system of those by one machine, so that the real color laser system can show the same laser with half cost of old ones.

          Old laser display system uses dycroic mirror, which reflects specific wavelength of the light, and it changes and selects the colors to appropriate for the signals of control system. The precision of colors and beam depends on the design and precision of the dycroic mirror, and the design and the precision of its assembly of optical materials. And also the speed of change of colors depends on the speed limitation or repetition of spin of dycroic mirror, so that the old type system was restricted more lowly level of precision of colors and beams. But PCACOM can conduct the various types of colors and wavelength of laser beams with high precision and high speed by the white light, which is, bent the optical crystal by supersonic waves. The real color laser system is more simple optical design than older system, by using PCAOM. It realizes less loss of optical system, improving of optical precision, and also realizes various directions by high-speed and high precision of colors.