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LASER GLASS GOBO is developed by the unique laser display technology of KAST.
This realizes to save your cost and time compared with conventional glass GOBOs.
Conventional glass GOBOs are coated with chromium which is very hard and has scratch resistance.
The reflection rate of glass coated with chromium is lower than that of glass coated with aluminum, so conventional glass GOBOs coated with chrominum tend to absorb heat. This means that using glass GOBOs coated with chrominum in luminaries with high light outputs causes damage by heat.
The surface of LASER GLASS GOBO, which has unique aluminum coating by the technology of KAST, is very hard and has high thermal resistance.
Conventional glass GOBOs are made by chemical etching which has several processes and takes a long time.
LASER GLASS GOBO is cut with a small power laser directly.
This process takes just 2-5 minutes.
The laser cutting system of LASER GLASS GOBO is very small and operated with Windows computer.

The specifications
Cutting methodlaser
Material of glasstempax
Material of coatingspecial aluminum coating( pat. PD)
Gobo size 27.5mm - 86mm (dia.)
Thickness of glass1.75 (mm)
Electrical consumption300watts( AC100V)
Data formatBMP(Windows)
DimensionsW230mm x H280mm x D400mm ( ex. Computer)

Gobo size (mm) Price(ex.Shipping,vat)
dia.imagesize1st 1pcaft. 2nd, each 1pc.
37.530JPY9,000 JPY7,500

How to Order
We accept the data of Illustrator, Photoshop (EPS,AI) or Psd, Bitmap data of the Windows format(1800pixels height (width) and over). Please send the data to [lgg@kast.co.jp]. When sending by fax, it is necessary to be A4 and sent with Fine-mode. If we have to do some art-work, we will send you a quotation after getting your data. Please indicate the part of transparency and the type of spotlight (mirror-scan or not).


Price of the system and the material.
Please ask lgg@kast.co.jp