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Laser Graphics

KAST Real Color Laser Display System
  • Nagoya City Science Museum Planetarium
    [Night-Time Projections]

    Photo Gallery
    Nighttime projections are held once a month from 18:30 P.M. and are intended for adults.
    These shows feature a special laser show in addition to usual show content.
    Reservations are required.
    Projections are in Japanese.

  • Nagoya City Science Museum Official Website [Night-Time Projections]

    The laser graphics can give greater imagination as the picture images. VTR and CG, intend to pursue the images just in the screen, but the laser graphics pursue and succeeded to make the images as visual effects. So that the audiences can take more visualized images. More directly, more real time, it can show more dynamically images without suffers from the area or the size. The laser graphics can give full of imagination to the audiences.

    We prepare he original editions, making images, and inputting operation by individually know-how for the animations of laser graphics. And also we are aiming to play those animations precisely by introducing the new way of input. The frequently used laser graphics designs are always updated for our patterns of designs, and those are used for the laser shows. The laser graphics system of ours with the most up-to-date operating system and skillful directions can give impact to any audiences, and it's very original.

    The laser graphics(The images for reference)